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每日成就: 2019年8月15日


完美的7-14天普罗旺斯和科特迪瓦’Azur Itinerary

哦,法国。您’re more than just a beautiful place to drink 赢得e and dance in lavender fields. You were a much needed respite for me. A place to look inwardly, a place to make memories with friends, and yes of course, a place to get drunk on 赢得e. 和我爱巴黎一样,法国南部在我心中占有非常特殊的地位。 所以不管你’我在这里待了一周或更长时间’拥有*完美* 7-14天的普罗旺斯和科特迪瓦’Azur Itinerary.继续阅读